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Join us at this special Yamba Bush School where we encourage and inspire individuals of any age through an innovative, long-term, educational approach incorporating community building, outdoor play, and learning in a bush environment.

We believe that when human development is put first, academic, artistic, and vocational successes arise

seemingly without effort.

Our sessions are held every Thursday during term time from July 21st till September 22nd and run from 9:30 till 2:30.

Please bring your playfulness, a blanket to sit on, food, and water for the day. you may also wish to bring a journal.

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Iluka Nature and Soul

"Sharing the knowledge"

I wish to acknowledge that I live on Birrigan Gargle land and Iluka nature and soul works on Berrigan Gargle land.

Our business is pro choice and is non-descrimitatory

About Me

Iluka has always been my home, though if I count the days, I may well find more days away than at home.

First schooling, wilderness guiding then sailing the world, raising a family, home school Dad, TAFE teacher and finally three years in England studying and living with indigenous wisdoms and practices.

During those many years of adventure, I could feel something was still missing, a peaceful feeling and one of being connected to my true self, connected to others and connected to nature. I did not know these feelings were in easy reach. I was gifted with some of the techniques to start on this path of connection. Later, I was asked to share them.


So, I am inviting you to allow me to share these techniques with you


Practicing these techniques allows me to find a profound sense of acceptance, purpose and joy. After many years, much wondering, ups and downs, these ancient ways have led me to find my place, find my soul.



“By soul, I mean a things ultimate place in the world…….by place, I mean not a geographical location, but the role, function, station or stations a thing has in relation to other things. How that thing fits into the world.”

Bill Plotkin, nature and the human soul 2008

My Offerings


Nature Therapy

Nature therapy, sometimes referred to as ecotherapy, describes a broad group of techniques or treatments that use an individual's presence within nature with the intention of improving an individual's mental and/or physical health

Children and Families

Bush School


Our aim….

To allow participants to

Connect to themselves

Connect to others

Connect to the natural world

What we do we do for future generations


We are being told "let's get back to normal", though, for me, normal had something missing.

Missing for me was a time for connecting to nature

Missing for me was sharing my thoughts without fear of ridicule.

Missing for me was an opportunity to de-stress, relax and lean into "who am I "


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