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Nature Connection and Wellbeing

Why do we need connection?

Crisis of Well-Being - Daily and chronic stress, Nature Deficit Disorder with issues relating to emotional, physical and mental states. Sensory Processing Disorder recognising extreme sensitivity and bodily coordination.

What is the result?

Awakened senses, mindfulness – being present to the moment, love of nature - joy, vitality, empathy, be ourselves, love and forgiveness

Connection to others

Learnt through

Empathy, listening and forgiveness

Connection to others

Learnt through

Sensory awareness, Finding your gifts, heritage skills

Connection to Nature

learnt through

Sit spot, bird language, tracking

Our sessions

Create a safe space by agreeing to avoid talking over people, not commenting, not giving advice and confidentiality.

Connect to self by sitting quietly and contemplating a pre-given question

Connecting to others by the invitation of sharing with another person that which you just contemplated

Connecting to nature by beginning the journey into sit spot and bird language

Closing this safe space and transitioning home

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