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Do you find your child struggles to relax, sit and take in stuff or simply appears to be anxious often?

Well, I am here to assist, by being part of “creating a supportive environment.”

As Beyond blue put it,

“Close, stable relationships at home, school and in the community help to protect kids’ mental health and well being and are key to developing resilience. Support from adults helps young people develop a sense of trust and optimism – that they are cared for and that regardless of what else is going on, things will be all right. “

For many years now, I have been working with the indigenous wisdoms of the 8 attributes of personal connections. To get a real view of what this means, please spend only a few minutes listing to my great mentor Joh Young.

From my studies and personal experience, I have found that the quickest way to the “quiet mind” is to be supported, guided and introduced to sitting in nature and delving into “bird language”.  Yep, birds have a common worldwide language.  

These are:


Companion calling

Juvenile begging

Territorial Aggression



If you chose, we can incorporate the core routines of nature connection.

Sit spot, story of the day, expanding our senses, tracking and questioning, animal forms, wandering, mapping, exploring field guides, journaling, bush craft skills, minds eye imagining, bird language and giving thanks.


Renewal of Creative Path (Joh Young 8 shields)


Tracking the Light Inside and Outside.

 This process can happen any time of the year. When the winter settles

and the nights are long, many traditional cultures gather around fires for

processes like renewal. In summer, when subsistence is more relaxed

and people are able to settle quietly for long periods to talk in the shade,

renewal processes are also moving. 


What does the light mean to you?

The light inside of us—our own creative, life-force fire burning in our being—has a quality and quantity as well. When we are at our best, the fire burns bright, the light shines from us and others notice. When we are not doing as well, our inner fire is not as bright, perhaps it is even smoky. 

When we apply our tracking skills on the inner landscape, and we search for this light, we learn some of the most important lessons of our lives. We can read the track an animal has left on the landscape and understand nuances in its behaviours. We can read the trails of our inner world. We can learn to understand the ecological conditions of our inner landscape and understand what feeds that fire so that it burns bright.


How Bright is Our Inner Fire?

This brightness our internal fires can be measured using the attributes that indicate we are connected. These are the 8 attributes of deep nature connection.

The attributes of connection are incredibly important reflection tools for us. If you are interested in nature connection, people connection, supporting others, self-discovery, self-awareness, optimized health, happiness and vitality, then these attributes will become important sign posts for you. 

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