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Forest Bathing


Our sessions

Our summer sessions are held using the Bluff, middle Bluff or Woodyhead. When the mozies go on holidays, in Winter, we venture into the forest.

We will meet discuss safety, what each person wishes to gain and activate our sensors. From here we will practice "embodied awareness"become aware of sights, smells, feeling and much more on our slow, mindful way.

Embodied Awareness

Take long, slow and deep breaths (heart math)

Hearing (3 minutes)

What can I hear?

How many varieties are there?

What sounds are nearest to me?

What sounds are further away?

What is the softest sound?

What is the loudest sound?

Are there any patterns or rhythms?


Touch (2-5minutes)

Close my eyes and pay attention to my skin

Is there a breeze? How does it feel?

What is the temperature like?

How does my face and neck feel?

Do I feel different sensations on different parts of my body? Do these sensations change?


Taste (3 minutes)

What can I taste in the forest air?

Opening my mouth and breathe deeply, how does the air on my tongue taste?

What is the forest offering you?

What would I like to offer the forest as I exhale?


Smell (2 minutes)

Breath through your nose.

Moving my head around, do I notice a change in the scents?

Crouch near the ground, do I notice changes in the scent?

Does this stir up feelings in me?


Sight and body Radar

Close your eyes, place your hands at your sides. Now turn your palms forward.

Feel into the direction that your body is facing.

Take note of how this feel, imagine you can register unseen contacts.

Turn till you face the direction that feels right.

Now open your eyes slowly, and take in the forest. Notice and take note

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