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My Mission

My name is Stephen Francis Wesener, I live on Yaegl land.

I will walk towards a life-sustaining way. I will nourish the earth.

I will honour the wisdom of the Earth and Indigenous cultures.


I will hold a place of healing and connection and an awaking of wisdom, through ceremonies, rituals, initiation and rites of passage.


I will make the decision that will honour the children of all species and for 7 generations to follow.

I will learn to plant basic native crops and trees.

I will create a bond with the land, create a community space.

I will participate with the people who live here and heal in nature.

I will seek mutual support groups, where people take care of each other.

I will develop my practical skills. I will teach these skills to children and friends, neighbours.

I will simplify my life, freeing up more space and time. Discover everything I can do without money, walk, exercise, craft and socialize with my loved ones;

I will separate myself from the logic of consuming more and more. Making exchanges, giving and receiving gifts of affective value, rather than financial value; I will seek not to exploit humans and other than humans in these transactions,

I commit, to the wisdom in the knowing that 'food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food', eating mindfully in harmony with mother nature and her seasons where possible,

I will recognize that life is amazing

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My Story, so far


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

0447 231 198

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