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Children and Families

The philosophy of Bush School is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through an innovative, long term, educational approach to outdoor play and learning in a bush environment. We believe that when human development is put first, academic, artistic and vocational successes arise seemingly without effort.

Our goal is for participants to achieve the personal attributes of inner happiness, vitality, commitment to mentoring, empathy and respect for nature, being truly helpful, full aliveness, love and forgiveness and a quiet mind.

Our mission is to constantly inject into Bush School sessions is a sense of wonder, fun and curiosity.


Our Bush School curriculum will be taken from the routines of ‘Sit Spot’, story of the day, expanding our senses, questioning and tracking, wandering, mapping, exploring field guides, journaling, survival living, minds eye imagining, bird language and thanks giving.


We measure Bush School success by using indicators of awareness and how, through nourishing them, we can bring them to consciousness. Theses being: Common Sense, Aliveness and Agility, Inquisitive Focus, Caring and Tending, Service to the Community, Awe and Reverence, Self-sufficiency and a Quiet Mind.


We aim to constantly inject into the sessions a sense of wonder, fun and curiosity and as such the only expected behaviour for our participants show respect to all  “humans and other than humans”


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