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My hope is to fit my program around individual and community expectations and remain flexible in my offers. Therefor the following is an example only.


Wed 5th              10am till 12:30    Forest Bathing for Adults, Woody Head Kiosk, $38 per person, maximum 10 adults

Thurs 6th            10am till 12:30    Nature connection and well being. Iluka's Frazer carpark (1 of 4 ) $25 per session or $80 for all 4


Friday 7th            10am till 12:30     Nature Therapy for NDIS   Iluka's Frazer carpark  NDIS

Saturday 8th         10am till 12:30    Forest Bathing for Adults Woody Head kiosk, $25 per person, maximum 10 adults


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

0447 231 198

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